Noral Lighting


Acquired in May 2022 by Noral GmbH,

Noral’s head office is located in Hamburg. Noral will continue its expansion activities with the NORAL brand in urban lighting by producing led luminaires, smart luminaires, and poles in the premium segment where usage conditions are challenging in Scandinavian design logic in accordance with its tradition.

May 2022


In 2014, Noral was purchased by AURALIGHT,

One of Sweden’s largest lighting companies, owned by the SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken) bank with a market value of $24 billion. With the slogan Made in Sweden, it has tended to serve premium product segments by producing lighting fixtures suitable for places where usage conditions are difficult. Having a serious reference in Scandinavia and Europe, Noral has carried out city lighting projects in more than 15 different countries, especially Malmö, Stockholm (Sweden) and Tenerife (Spain), and continues its activities. Noral has trademark registration in 30 countries.

Ownership changed in 2010 and was acquired by ZOBRA.

With this acquisition, the headquarters of the company, which has been in Norway since its establishment, was moved to another Scandinavian country, Sweden. Working with world-renowned and award-winning design offices such as Jean-Pierre V. and Hallvard J. to reflect the Scandinavian design approach to the design processes, Noral continued to develop its activities to manufacture luminaires and decorative lighting poles tailored to the needs of cities.



Between 1981-2003,

Noral went on a strategic expansion by continuing its international incorporation, marketing and logistics operations in Sweden, England, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, and the USA.

The Noral ownership of the 49-year-old

Eng family has passed into the ownership of Lux Holding as of 1997.



The Eng family,

Has started to carry out its competence in the field of lighting with the Noral brand since 1981.

Since 1972,

Askim has started to specialize especially in technical outdoor lighting products.




NORAL was founded in 1948 by Knut Eng in Orje, Norway.